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About The Ranch

Ranch Bloke is one of the biggest in Slovenia, famous mainly for its Quarter Horse
breeding. Our aim is breeding quality horses with superb athletic ability and stable character.

What Our Customers Say

In 2010 I bought a three year old Quarter Horse mare at Ranch Bloke.The mare had already been trained, so I took the beginners western riding course and learned thebasics of dealing with horses. Although the mare was young and I had some medical problems, we got along well and she has always obeyed me at my cross-country horseback riding. I was warned by quite some friends and family members that the mare is too young for my riding skills and they suggested an older horse for me. However, I am very pleased with the mare and so are others, who confirmed I bought a high quality and a beautiful animal. Rina was born and grew up at Ranch Bloke, where she was trained for cross-country riding. She is very calm and friendly, so she adjusted quickly to a new owner and new environment. I use it for cross-country riding. If I had to choose a horse again, I would choose Rina.

Ivan Čeligoj

At the time I was looking for my new best friend, I wanted a horse with a great character, of course. My Maksimilian happily comes running towards me each and every day and is always ready for running across a meadow or for our trainings.I believe great attitude and great care at Ranch Bloke made him such. Thank you, thank you!

Kaja Škoflek Ljubljana