Angus Cattle

In 2014, we decided to diversify our herd of horses and sheep with representatives of black angus. Their home will be all year round in the pastures in the shelter of forests, in nature and in the boundless freedom. When the herd is increased, the youngster will also be available for sale.

For us, the most important thing is that cattle are by nature hornless. The breed is suitable for organic farming and horses can also graze in their company, as there is no risk of injury.

The breed originated in Scotland in the Aberdeen and Angus countries. By choosing they created a meat breed of small frame and early sexual maturity. Cattle is essentially black in color, which is dominant, and red anguses (recessive homozygotes) occur regularly on a regular basis. In Canada, they also started a red angus selection, although they do not differ from each other in any way by color. The breed is also known for very light births, so it is often crossed with breeds with heavy breeds and large calves. Angus are extremely grazing animals, they make excellent use of feed and only grazing can achieve very good slaughter quality. Due to the number of muscle fibers per unit of area, their meat is extremely juicy and marbled. Abroad, their meat is highly appreciated and usually achieves the best buying prices of beef.