RB Tabas Lynx

RB Tabas Lynx is a 4 year old gelding, who makes us proud. He has gone through the whole training process extremely calmly, with great desire for learning, and the results are obvious. Junior, as we call him, is now a »must have« horse. He is completely non-problematic and fearless at cross-county riding, and in the arena he shows great concentration and beautiful movement. Jure likes playing with him, so occasionally he takes off the saddle and bridle. Don’t be surprised if you visit us and encounter a scene with Jure riding Junior without any equipment. So, how do we lead him? Simply! By weight, feet and fingers on his neck. And to stop a short “Wow” is enough. Anyway, Tabas is really a horse for anybody.


Abbie Lynx (1988)


Tabascountry (1998)